Moist and Smooth skin
Gift from Yamagata

Sake is full of beautifying skin ingredients.
Make your skin tipsy with a face mask.

  • Improves skin firmness

    Alpha-ethyl-D-glucoside contained in sake is very fine and can reach the dermis even in extremely small amounts, helping to produce collagen in the skin and effective in improving the firmness and gloss of the skin.

  • Keep moist

    Sake is rich in natural moisturizing ingredients such as glycine, serine and aspartic acid.
    Recommended for dry skin.

  • Prevent spots

    Melanin causing stains. Sake contains ferulic acid, a polyphenol that suppresses the production of melanin, and kojic acid, which suppresses the production of melanin produced in the fermentation process of Koji.
    ※”Koji” is fungus which convert the starch from the rice into glucose.

Seven famous sake from Yamagata
It became a face mask.

yukihimekihada Yonetsuru yukihimekihada Mitinoku rokkasen yukihimekihada Aratama yukihimekihada Sawamasamune yukihimekihada Chiyokotobuki yukihimekihada Kobai yukihimekihada Azuma

Seven famous sake from Yamagata
It became a face mask.