“Bibecke” is different here

  • Instant prescription! Contained baby powder ingredients

    Contains talc and corn starch used in baby powder.※
    *UV gel contains only corn starch.

  • “Make-up keeping” function!

    Contained makeup deterioration ingredients. Keep your makeup condition as in the morning, Prevents makeup deterioration during the day

  • Additive-free prescription for skin!

    Spray: no coloring, no mineral oil, paraben free
    Gel: No fragrance, no coloring. Non-mineral oil, paraben-free, alcohol-free, non-silicon

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ビベッケの全身まるごとサラサラUVスプレー 無香料


ビベッケの全身まるごとサラサラUVスプレー 無香料

ビベッケの全身まるごとサラサラUVスプレー ピンクフローラルの香り

ビベッケの全身まるごとサラサラUVスプレー ブンブンガード