Sponsored the Yuumoa Grand Prize!


We will deliver the situation at the Yuumoa Grand Prize!

I will tell you the situation at the Ymca Grand Prize!

The award ceremony of the Yumoa Grand Prize 2020 was held at the Hotel New Otani Fuyo on Wednesday, December 4, 2019.

Chairman Akiko Yamato awarded a certificate and trophy, and Kon Omura, President of the Company, awarded a gold earpick. Supplementary prizes were also presented by sponsors.



What is the Yumoa Award?

Yumoa club is an award given to people who contributed with humor and provided bright topics during the year from 1958.

It was a very gorgeous award ceremony with everyone’s aura!


Here is the special set that was given to the winners as an extra prize!


【Vibeke’s UV Cut series】UV spray / gel that won’t whiten
【Mimi Amie Ururun Botanical】 Large capacity UV spray
【Mimi Amie Cool Mist】 Instant cool spray
【AWAOFFTON】 Morning / Night Carbonated Foam Face Wash
【雪姫輝肌(Yukihimekihada)】 Sake face mask series using plenty of Yamagata sake.


In the lobby, we exhibited the above brand products.


Also, if you post a photo of the carbonated foam facial cleansing brand “AWAOFFTON” to SNS, called an SNS campaign, you will receive one gift on the spot! Event was held.

Thank you very much to everyone who participated!


Yuumoa Grand Prize recipient actor Takashi Sasano, actress Mitsuko Sanae, and talent Ichiro Furutachi.



And thank you Yuumoa club.


Yuumoa club(Japanese HP):http://yumoa.jp/